Women Rights in Africa

Women are the beautiful creation of the almighty. In this world, they have come to support men in every sector.

But it is unfortunate that women rights are violated in this world especially in Africa which is not a good sign. As a result, women are facing various problems in Africa. But to give women proper rights, many human right organizations are working in the Africa. Besides this, they are trying to aware people about women rights. And, their performances are somehow satisfactory. But it needs to be upgraded to keep to their work fruitfully. Otherwise, women rights will be declining.

The main reason for violating women rights in Africa are an inadequate education policy. Most of the people there are illiterate. Besides this, they do not understand about their basic needs. As a result, women rights are violated. But the good news is that many NGO’s are taking many steps for avoiding this problem. For example, they are building many schools in Africa so that children can become educated. Besides this, NGO’s are more focusing on women rights. They are taking care of women health, education and other things. But the problem is that these kinds of arrangement are available in the town and most of poor people can not go to town because of lack money. Transportation facilities are not very good in Africa. So, many rights organizations or NGO’s should come in the villages so that women rights get privileged.

Another reason is that most of the people involve with many bad activities. Kidnapping, extortion and other illegal activities are creating barriers for maintaining women rights. But due to the NGO’s contribution, many people are getting work along with women. As a result, people are avoiding these filthy things. Besides this, the problem is lying on the people’s attitudes and behaviors. Here, most of the family believes that if any girl born in a family, then that girl becomes a burden for that family. Boys get more priority in this country. Women are using as a product and most of the male are involving in extra martial affairs. As a result, people are suffering from HIV AIDs. For this, women rights are deteriorating. To avoid this mentality, NGO’s are giving lessons to African people. Besides this, they are providing food along with treatment facilities so that women become safer and secured from other problems.

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