Organizations Fight for Womens Rights

For many years throughout history, women haven't received the same rights that men have always know.

Women couldn't vote, women couldn't work outside of the home, and if they did, they were scorned and treated with little or no respect. Women were supposed to remain behind the men and were expected to be supportive without voicing an opinion of their own. After years of being kept down, though, many organizations and people have come forth through the years to help women get the rights that every human being deserves, regardless of their gender.

One of the most famous women's organizations that has been leading the fight for women's rights since it was established in 1966 is the National Organization For Women, or NOW. NOW has been a major source of protection for woman on every subject important to women from workplace equality, to reproductive rights. NOW was there in 1967 to adopt the passage of the ERA, and it fought hard for this law until it was finally passed in 1970. NOW is a strong organization that will never give up the fight for the rights of all women.

Although NOW is the most famous and well known women's rights organization, there are many others that cater to certain topics that are important to women worldwide (for example the march for women and many more). There are groups that help women in foreign countries, and their are groups aimed at helping women in the workplace. The group Equality Now is an organization that helps women who suffer in foreign countries. They help to protect woman from the horrors that are often endured by women in other less civilized countries. The United Nations Women's Watch is another organization that pledges to eliminate inequality amongst women in foreign countries. On the American front, Planned Parenthood is a major organization that protects women and their right to reproductive choice and freedom. They provide alternatives to women's healthcare that can't be found in any other organization.

It has been a tough fight through the years in the fight for women's rights, but with the help of so many women's rights organizations like the ones listed above, women are finally being seen as the equals they really are.

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