Womans Rights Worldwide

Women have struggled for equal rights since the beginning of time. Even though there have been many successes in getting justice for the female gender there is still room to grow.

You may not realize that a long journey with many mountains must be taken before women are empowered in every area of life.

Many people do not realize that woman's rights issues still exist in all countries. These rights can be anything from receiving lower salaries for the same amount of work to horrific social injustices for women. In some countries just being able to survive after conception is a right that still needs to be addressed. According to UNICEF many countries still value the life of males more than the female. If a girl child is able to survive she will face gender discrimination throughout her lifetime.

It is hard to pinpoint which countries have the worst rights and which have the best. It depends on what issues you are addressing. There are also social norms that dictate what is permissible in one country and intolerable in others. Because of this the United Nations started the "Gender Empowerment Measure" This measure was put in place to measure and track social rights in all countries.

Everyone realizes that countries where women are illiterate and poor will rate low on this scale. African and the Middle East countries are rated among the worst in the measure of woman's rights. But you will need to decide for your self which types of woman's rights you think are the most important. These measurements take all issues such as education, availability to child care and jobs and career in their mix of statistics. There is currently no known measure of injustices done to women around the world. So who can say what countries are the worst places for a woman to be born

The 'Gender Empowerment Act' in 2007 placed the Scandinavian countries at the top of the list of countries with the best woman's rights. The USA was rated at 18. These results were based on factors that included universal health care, education and job availability.

The world has recently uncovered many of the countries where women are still struggling to become equal with their male counterparts. Now that the injustices of some countries are out in the open hopefully they can be solved. Traditions and ethnic laws are hard to change, but with knowledge and hard work it can be possible.

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