picture of four different ethnic womenWomen around the globe are standing up and making a universal statement. They want and deserve equal rights enjoyed by men. In America, along with many countries of Europe and the West, women do enjoy many of these rights. This author states that there are still areas in these places where inequality for women exist still. Some people say that the wheel of justice turns slowly. I point out that once a wheel, it "will" turn. This is "every" woman's hope. Some wheels turn more slowly than others. What is the key to making this wheel of the worldwide fight for women's rights turn faster?

In America, not all that long ago, women did not have the right to vote or hold property. Some women today take these things for granted, because they where not involved in this fight. A few courageous women stood up and risked their places in society to make a change back then. Some of these women risked their very lives. They did so, not just for themselves, but for womankind in general. They did it for their daughters, granddaughters, and friends. We reap those rewards that those women sowed back then. Take a look back into history, and you will find many societies did have women's rights. The individuals who started the women's movement in the West, found this wheel and began to turn it. How fast and where we decide to turn this wheel depends on every woman "and" every man.

The world today is experiencing an unprecedented revolt for democracy, independence, justice, and equality. News accounts from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, along with many other countries, depict this fight for individual rights. Reports from people who have been involved in these places uncover that women's rights are forefront in this battle. The wheel that is still turning in the West, has been found by those in other regions of the world. Huge numbers of both women and men are standing up in unity. These brave and valiant individuals are turning many wheels. One of these wheels is the fight for women's rights on a global scale.

Many questions are being raised regarding the worldwide unrest. Is it the West's responsibility to render aid, and if so what, or how. Should others provide military aid or just peaceful means? The wheel for women's rights continue to turn. Individuals will determine how fast or how slow.­

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